About Us

We here at yoga V strive to spread the love of yoga!  The Power Yoga taught here can be characterized by a focus on the dynamic connecting of yoga poses through breath in a controlled heated environment.

On a physical level, we work toward establishing flexibility, strength, and balance with the body. In addition, we hope to help students experience healing, detoxification, and exhilaration, allowing them to more effectively deal with their day to day lives.

While many types of yoga are currently practiced in a heated room, y V distinguishes itself through a focus on creating a more intense full body workout in addition to the meditative advantages naturally created through the practice.

As a company, y V honors and acknowledges the roots of yoga through creating and practicing flows comprised of traditional yoga postures, as well as acknowledging the traditional spirituality of yoga.  Our hope is to be able to guide our students through their own individual physical and/or spiritual journey on the mat.


Tess Canterbury – Owner

Tess is the owner of yoga V. She teaches vinyassa flow classes that focus on finding growth through proper alignment, linking breath to movement, being mindful, and having a little fun! She has been practicing yoga since 2001 and has taught over 2,500 hours since receiving her RYT 200 hour certification in 2006. She has continued her education in everything from anatomy and injury prevention to yoga philosophy and language. Her teaching stems from the influence of Christina Sell, Jamie Elmer, Tiffany Cruikshank, Dice Iida-Klein, and Baron Baptiste.

Growing up, Tess was always playing sports and took to running to help burn energy and feel fit. However, something was missing that she couldn’t quite put her finger on until she took her first class at Baron Baptiste’s studio in Cambridge, MA. It was there that she found her bliss. Not only was she lengthening her muscles, and getting a solid workout physically, but the magic of yoga was changing her life on an emotional/spiritual level as well. It touched upon an aspect of her life that nothing else had. She completely absorbed herself into the practice as a student for 4 years before feeling ready to begin learning to teach others. Since then, she’s enjoyed not only sharing the gift of yoga, but being a witness to her own journey in the practice. Her goal is to meet her students where they are in their journeys. To provide them an experience on their mat that they can take with them into their day-to-day lives, giving them a sense of strength, peace, and freedom.