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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in Grand Junction practiced yoga? We feel blessed and grateful to have this opportunity to continue the great tradition that Tess, the management team, and the instructors, created for Yoga V in this community.

We are nearly lifelong residents of Grand Junction and members of Yoga V Studio for several years. Our personal yoga practice has strengthened our physical and emotional health and hopefully you have experienced similar benefits.

We plan to continue much of what has made Yoga V “The Best in the West” yoga studio in Grand Junction. In addition, we will expand our offerings so that we have something to offer anyone who is interested in investing in themselves by practicing yoga on a regular basis.

We look forward to meeting you at the studio. Please feel free to give us feedback in person or through the suggestion box at the studio. Our email is anita@yogavstudio.com. We would love to hear from you!

In gratitude,
Anita and Greg Reicks

Our Philosophy & Roots


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At yoga V, we believe that being healthy in both body and mind is essential. We are here to hold a space for our community to practice self-care. To foster strength, positivity, contentment, and overall health. Self care is a foundation for overall happiness. Keep yours strong.
Growth & Mindfulness

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Growth & Mindfulness

Growth, both on and off the mat is significant. Through your practice, you will not only gain strength and flexibility, but you will also begin to acquire tools for coping with your everyday emotions, and life. We are here to help guide you through your personal journey, at your pace. In the midst of our busy lives, filled with over-stimulation and stress, we find ourselves “checking-out” and living from one reaction to the next. We are losing our ability to stop and listen. To slow down. To focus. To find silence and breathe. yoga V provides a space for students to step out of their daily lives, and onto their mats, where a sense of calm and peace can be found. Whether you are flowing, meditating, or lying in rest, there is space to practice mindfulness and experience being present.

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Join the tribe! Students will find that yoga V is not just a studio, but a community of people from all walks of life that share the interest in personal growth, and meaningful connections. We welcome all students, regardless of level. Here, you will find support, kindness, and encouragement as you foster new and meaningful relationships in your yogi community!

Yoga V Studio
2500 Broadway, Unit A
Grand Junction, CO  81507
(970) 424-5116

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Why and How Infrared Works

Health Benefits

Increase Flexibility

Infrared heat directly warms muscles, allowing for a greater range of motion.
Helps yoga students open up, melt deep into poses and gain confidence in their practice.
Increase Circulation
Infrared heat has shown to stimulate blood flow.
It can help lower blood pressure, help oxygenate organs, and rid the body of toxins.

Detoxifying  Sweat
Infrared heat will make you sweat, which is a good thing because it is your body’s natural way of flushing toxins. As your body absorbs infrared heat, water molecules begin to vibrate, which causes them to wring out impurities from the cells.
These impurities will then be released from your body as you sweat, creating a deep, detoxifying cleanse on the cellular level.

Weight Loss
The human body has an impressive temperature regulation system which takes energy (calories) to maintain a consistent temperature.
Infrared heat also increases metabolism between the blood and tissue, which also burns calories.

Pain Relief
Infrared heat directly penetrates tissues, muscles and joints, allowing them to heal and regenerate through a combination of the aforementioned increased circulation, oxygenation and detoxification.

Infrared radiation incredibly is useful for pain relief for both minor injuries and chronic ailments.
Infrared is used by physical therapists, saunas and yoga studios around the world.

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